AEL Technology Ltd - Portfolio: Domino Printing Ltd (Bar Hill, Cambridge, UK)

Electronics lead.

AEL Technology staff have acted in an electronics lead role on new printer development at Domino.

The role was two-fold;
- To provide an interface to their off-shore sub-contract development team in India to guide and review their work, allowing the UK design team to focus on activities here.
- To assist with the development of a new printer family, designing two of the new boards in the first prototype printer.

The off-shore interface role involved the following work:

The printer development role involved the following work:

The print head driver board included a Xilinx FPGA and a specialised piezo drive amplifier as well as numerous DC-DC converter PSUs, and is a complex double-sided unit:

Domino piezo print head driver board

The external interface board included a microcontroller, and pump and solenoid interface circuits and EMC filtering, again a double-sided unit:

Domino external interface board